11 September 2016

Experiment in White


I made this white top as an experiment...
La hechura de este blusón fue un completo experimento…

I started by making two rows of granny squares with double-thread white cotton. The rest is made all in Double crochet (Dc), to join on the sides and on the front and back, and granny stripes at the bottom (with the back longer than the front).  At first I joined the two sides with a zigzag st. (as in photo 3), but I did not like it and changed it to granny stripes at the end.
I wanted this to be a mindless project, so I did not take notes...but I am glad the experiment worked out at the end. (No pattern)

Comencé haciendo dos hileras de cuadros granny (de la abuelita), con doble hilo de algodón blanco. El resto está hecho sólo con puntos altos, y en el borde inferior con hileras de punto granny (con la parte de atrás más larga que la de enfrente). Al final cambié la unión del centro porque no me gustó el zigzag (tal como está en la foto). 
No tomé notas porque no quería estresarme en el proceso…pero me alegro que el experimento salió bien al final.  (No hay patrón)


  1. Well done Ana it's lovey I wish my experiments turned out so well. :) xx

  2. WOW! Nice work 😊 brave ❤

  3. Te ha quedado espectacular,un buen experimento.....

  4. Pues ha quedado preciosa. ¡Felicidades!

  5. Un experimento????? TE QUEDÓ PERFECTO!!!!!! jajajajaja!!!
    yo podría experimentar y te juro, Ana, que no me quedaría así de bonito!
    Felicidades y sigue experimentando, se te da muy bién!

  6. It is gorgeous my friend.

  7. I love it. What a clever idea.

  8. Te ha quedado muy bonito,buen experimento!!!

  9. Adoro, está linda esta blusa! Muito bem conseguida ;)

  10. It worked out great, you're good as usual! xx

  11. Even though "only" an experiment, it turned out great! I've been pondering this methode too, but I'm too busy with other projects to actually start making something to wear for myself... Why cannot a day have 36 hours - of which 12 are just for crochet?
    Have a creative week,

  12. Nice work! Looks fabulous ♥


  13. Very pretty and perfect for the warm season! Great job, Ana. Have a lovely day!
    Nata xxx

  14. An experiment that has turned out rather lovely!! This must be a delight to wear in the September heat.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  15. Te quedó precioso!!!

  16. Love your blog - which I just rediscovered after making your butterfly scarf for my granddaughter! I blogged about it here: https://faithtrustandbreastcancer.blogspot.com/2016/11/happy-thanksgiving-weekend-jump-to.html and linked right back to you! Am now following you! I love your classic style! :)

  17. It's beautiful Ana so unusual, I love the crochet lacy top part it's so pretty.


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